Right Click on FedEx SmartPost Tracking Number in Note Showing USPS Link

Release Date: 9/6/19
Version: 7.5 & Up

Q - Fedex SmartPost tracking numbers only give the option to track using the USPS, which is incorrect. They are the same length as USPS tracking numbers I think. See a sample of the FedEx SmartPost tracking note below:

A - Elliott decides which online link to offer based on the length of the tracking number in the tracking note.  In this case, The FedEx SmartPost tracking number is 20 digits long.  Twenty digits happens to be the USPS tracking number length. What you can do is to go to A/R -> Maintenance -> Carrier File and bring up Carrier "3," which is FedEx. Go to field "17. Tracking No Length."  The default FedEx tracking number lengths are 12, 15 and 22.  Add "20" as one of the tracking number lengths for FedEx. See sample screen below:

After this, if you bring up a tracking note and right click on the tracking number, you will see the option to track online with either USPS or  FedEx.


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