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Feature - Alleviate Error 25 When Two Users Import Sales Orders Simultaneously

Release Date: 9/26/19

Version: 8.5 and up

If two users attempt to run Sales Order Import at the same time, the second user will receive an error 25 on the Import Header File (CPIMPHDR). If the second import is launched from deferred processing, this will halt the deferred processing operation and the following message will be displayed.

The Sales Order Import application has been changed to attempt to detect the error 25 without prompting the user with the standard error message window. The import process will stop and an error will print on the Pre-Interface Edit List or the Interface Journal. The error states:

*** Error Due To Other User Is Currently Using File: M:\Elliott8\DATA\CPIMPHDR.BTR ***

A new event variable has been added to the COMPFILE event ORDERIMP (Sales Order Import).

A Message field has been added as field 9.

If the Sales Order Import cannot open the Import Header File (CPIMPHDR), this event will be triggered and the following information will be returned in the event fields:

Number Of Warnings: 0
Number Of Errors: 1
Number Of Orders: 0
Starting Order No.: 000000
Total Sales Amount: 0.00
Total Backorder Amt: 0.00
Import File Name: 20190607_1945390.NI.US.Dev.txt
Message: Error: CPIMPHDR File In Use By Another User

Programs Modified: CPORDIMP
Programs Added: CPORDTST

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