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Feature - VICS BOL to Enforce Shipment Verification Before Printing of BOL

Release Date: 10/10/19

Version: 8.5 and up

This feature adds a new option to the EDI Trading Partner setup for users who want to make sure that the orders on the bill of lading have been processed through Shipping Verification before the VICS BOL is printed. Typically, this flag will only be set for trading partners that are strictly pick & pack and an ASN is required (hence shipment verification is required, and the user cannot use the Bill of Lading function to substitute because it is pick & pack).

A new option has been added to screen 6 of the EDI Trading Partner screen to enable this functionality.

15. Require Shipping Verif. Before Print VICS BOL? - The default is N. If set to Y, users can still create a new VICS BOL for a sales order that’s not shipping verified. But when the user chooses the F4=Print VICs BOL option and one of the orders on this VICS BOL is not verified, then the user will receive an error message stating which order has not been processed through Shipping Verification.

This error applies to both the regular bills of lading, as well as the master bill of lading.    

To make it easier for the user to see which Bill of Lading has not gone through the shipping verification and the trading partner is configured to restrict printing of the bill of lading, a special character is displayed to the left of the shipment date.

This area supports 4 possible values:

Space = No issues

* = Accumulator match issue

! = Order on bill of lading requires shipment verification

& = Both an accumulator match issue and order not processed through shipment verification

A legend is displayed on the screen for the status of the current selected bill of lading.




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