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Feature - Delete Order Tracking Note When Void Completed VICS BOL

Release Date: 10/11/19

Version: 8.5 and up

Currently, when a user uses VICS BOL and chooses to “Complete” the bill of lading, the tracking number of the bill of lading (Pro# or ARN#) can be written to the Elliott tracking note associated with the orders on the bill of lading. The tracking number in the note will be picked up by the EDI ASN and sent to the trading partner.

However, when the user chooses to “Void” a “Completed” bill of lading, the application does not delete the tracking note for that order. This is due to the fact that there are many ways a tracking note can be created. The application does know know if the tracking note was created by the VICS BOL in the first place, so it can’t be deleted.

Since the tracking note on the order is not deleted, if the user made a mistake when completing the order and then they choose to void the completed bill of lading, when they make their correction with the new Pro# or ARN# a new tracking note is written to the order with the correct Pro# or ARN#. In the meantime, the old tracking note is still on the order.

When generating the ASN, the first tracking note is used and, as a result, the wrong tracking note gets sent on the ASN.

To resolve this issue, a “unique identifier” will be written to the note so the application knows for sure that the note was created by VICS BOL. The following text will be placed in the NOTE_TOPIC field:

      CPBOLMNT:XXXXXXXXX Where CPBOLMNT is the main program for VICS BOL. The XXXXXXXXX is the 9 digits BOL number. 

With this change, when the user chooses to void the completed bill of lading, the application can look for the tracking note with the above pattern. If found, the application knows that the tracking note was created by BOL in the first place and, therefore, it can be deleted.

Programs Modified: CP0112, CP0200, CPBOLMNT, CPSHPUPD, CPSHPVER



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