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Feature - Picking Ticket For Customer 2 Event

Release Date: 10/15/19

Version: 8.5 and up

A new picking ticket event has been added. The event is associated with the customer file and can be added through Customer File Maintenance or Customer File Inquiry.

Program: CP02P1
Description: Picking Ticket For Customer 2
The new event supports the following variables:

  •  Customer No.
  • Order No.
  • Cust PO No. (25 digits)
  • Bill-To Name
  • Ship-To Name
  • Ship-To Address (Address 1 and Address 2 with a space in between)
  • Ship-To City
  • Ship-To State
  • Ship-To Zip Code   

This event gives the user the ability to catch issues with the ship-to address, such as a blank state or zip code, before it is shipped. Issues with addresses can occur when orders are added to the system through external sources.

Programs Modified: CP02P1, XPT0106

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