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Error 013 File Not Found When Importing CSV File Name Longer Than 20 Characters

Revision Date: 1/28/2021
Version: 7.x & up

Users may encounter an Error 013 on an ASCII File when importing from CSV. 

This can be due to a limitation of 20 characters for the CSV file name including the extension.  For example, the file name LLBEANSHIPTOIMPORT.CSV is 22 characters long. The import application will truncate the name to LLBEANSHIPTOIMPORT.C and the import application will produce the error shown above. Shortening the name to LLBEANSHIPTO.CSV will resolve the issue.

The 20-character file name limitation exists in the following applications:
  • APSIMIMP - A/P Simple Transaction Import
  • ARFRTIMP - Freight Rate Import
  • ARSLSIMP - A/R Sales Transaction Import
  • CPCUSIMP - COP Customer Item File Import
  • CPFBIMPP - Fill Back Orders Import
  • CPINVIMP - COP Invoice Change Header Import
  • CPSELIMV - COP Mass Billing CSV Import
  • CPSHPIMP - Ship-To File Import
  • GLCSVIMP - G/L Interface from CSV
  • IMGTINIP - GTIN Import
  • IMTSFIMP - "Free" Transfer Batch Import
  • POCHGIMP/POCSVIMP - PO Change Import
  • POITMIMP - Vendor Item Import
  • POREQIMP - PO Requisition Import
  • POWRIIMP - PO Warehouse Receiving Import - this is fixed in 8.2 & later versions in Feb. 2019.
  • PRTIMIMP - Payroll Time Transaction Import
This issue is resolved in 8.5 & up on 05/05/2021. If your Elliott is on prior version, you may update your Elliott to the latest version to address this issue. Please see the following KB article:


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