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Feature - Global Setup Flag to Update Tracking Note from Box Data Window

Release Date: 10/30/19

Version: 8.5 and up

The Shipment Verification application supports the Update Box Data window. If that window is configured to collect the box tracking number, then a tracking note is automatically created. Generally speaking, the application should not write the tracking note through the Update Box Data window. Most users create tracking notes from their shipping manifest system, or they can use the Shipment Data Update application to manually create the tracking note. The VICS BOL will also optionally create the tracking note.  

But instead of removing this functionality, a new Global Setup option has been added to control this behavior. In Global Setup -> Add-ons -> Shipment Verification -> flag “37. Collect Box Level Data,” if the value is set to “Y” and the Collect Tracking Number for Each Package is set to "Y," then a new window will pop up and prompt the user with the following option:

"Would you like to create tracking note if tracking number <> blank?" Default is N. If set to Y, the tracking note will be created when adding the tracking number to the box for the first time.

Note: If you already create an Elliott tracking note from your manifest system, you should answer this with "N." Otherwise, the  system can create duplicate tracking notes.                                   


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