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Installing Elliott 8.5 and Received "PSQL v11, v12 or V13 Is Required" Message

Release Date: 11/14/19
Version: 8.5 & up

When you are installing Elliott 8.5 on your server, you may receive the following message:

    PSQL v11, V12, or V13 is required. Please install PSQL first.

See sample screen below:

While you can confirm that you do have the required PSQL version installed on this server, you can't proceed with installation of Elliott 8.5.  What do you do in a case like this?

We think the root of this issue is that the Elliott 8.5 installation process requires that ADO.NET be installed on the server. In some cases, for whatever reason, we have seen that the necessary ADO.NET components for PSQL are not installed in the machine's GAC folder. As a result, the installation package thinks that the necessary PSQL engine is not installed and creates this message.

Solution 1 - Repair Your PSQL Installation
The assumption with this solution is that your original PSQL installation on the server did not install the ADO.NET components to the GAC folder, or that an older version of the ADO.NET that was not compatible with Elliott 8.5 was installed.

The solution is to download the latest corresponding PSQL version from Actian's website and reinstall (without removing the original PSQL copy), or use the "Update," "Modify" or "Repair" method. This will cause the updated ADO.NET components to be installed.  Be sure to only download the corresponding version.  For example, if you are on PSQL v11, download the latest release of PSQL v11.  Do not download PSQL v13.

Try this method first to see if it resolves your problem.

Solution 2 - Install on a Different Machine and Copy Folder
If you are installing a new Elliott 8.5 folder, the installation process will install to a new folder <ElliottRoot> (e.g., M:\Elliott8).  If you are installing Elliott 8.5 to an existing Elliott folder, the installation process will install a new Bin85 folder under the current Elliott root <ElliottRoot> (e.g., M:\Elliott7).

So for whatever reason, you can't install Elliott 8.5 on your current server. If you have another server, or workstation (at the very least WGE is required), then you can install Elliott 8.5 on that machine. 

Once the installation is done, copy the necessary folder to your server.  If this is a new installation, copy the entire <ElliottRoot> folder.  If this is an upgrade for an existing installation, copy the entire Bin85 folder.


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