Feature - Only Show Active Items in Newly Received Item Inquiry

Release Date: 12/12/2019
Version: 8.5 & up

A new Global Setup flag has been added to Dist -> COP Global Control:
    5. Show Active Items Only in Newly Received Inq?
The default is "N," which means all items will be displayed. See sample screen below:

if you set this flag to "Y," then only items with the activity code = "A" will be displayed in COP -> Inquiry -> Newly Received Item Inquiry screen.  This screen can also be drilled down to from Sales Desk, which will behave in the same manner. 

The purpose for this change is that sometimes distributors may receive new items from manufacturers before the manufacturers announce these new items to the public.  So the strategy is to set these items' activity codes to something other than "A" --  for example, P=Planning, F=Forecast or O=Obsolete. With this Global flag set to "Y," the salesman will not see these items in Newly Received Item Inquiry and therefore will not inadvertently announce these items to the customers.


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