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Report Desk: Telerik Functions

Release Date: 4/28/23
Elliott V8.6

Telerik Functions in Report Desk

In addition to the Aggregate functions that are automatically mapped to Telerik functions in Group Headers and Footers and Report Footers, you may also use built-in Telerik functions in the Designer Template.  In the example below, a simple Aggregate function could not provide the value desired -- namely computing a value based on other aggregate values-- so a Telerik function was used.

The function inside the red box below is an example of a Telerik function that is used in Group Footers and Report Footers in the UDR Promotion History Report.  Note that it begins with the "=" character.  That tells Report Desk that this function is a Telerik function, not a SQL function.  This Gross Profit Percent function, GPPct in the Name column below, does a Sum() on the Extended Price minus the Extended Cost, then divides that amount by the sum of the Extended Cost, then mulltiplies it by 100 to display it as a percentage.

Note: Notice the first portion of the formula
= Sum(Fields.ExtPrice) = 0 ? 0 : Sum(Fields.ExtPrice - Fields.ExtCost) * 100 / Sum(Fields.ExtPrice)

This acts as an if or a case statement. If Sum(Fields.ExtPrice) = 0 then the function will return zero. Otherwise, the function will perform the calculation.

This function was then added to the Report Footer of the report:

Note that a Telerik function must not have an Aggregate function also applied.  Notice the way the Aggregate: field is left blank:

Additional Documentation

For more information on Telerik functions, visit the following link:


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