Issues Creating PO Requisitions After Running Out Of Order Numbers

Release Date: 1/21/20

Versions: 8.2 and Above

PO requisitions can be configured to created from COP Orders though Global Setup-> Dist-> PO Requisition Process-> Field 7. Turn COP Orders Into Requisition?

If this option is enabled, line item information is written to the COP PO Pending order file (CPPOPEND) when line items are added to an order. Once added, Purchase Order requisitions can be generated from this information through PO-> Processing-> Requisition Processing-> Generate-> Generate Req from COP.\

When COP order numbers hit 999999, they will reset to 1.  This can cause an issue with the information stored in the COP PO Pending Order file. Order Entry may encounter duplicate order numbers and may not be able to successfully add order information to the file.

You can resolve this issue by upgrading to Elliott 8.5 and setting up Global Setup to start using alphabetic order numbers. Please read Elliott 8.5 release notes for more details on this subject. You can also read the following Knowledge Base article for more information on alpha document number support in Version 8.5:

V8.5 Alpha Document Number Support -

If you are unable to upgrade to Elliott 8.5 or after, Order Entry has been changed to warn users if a duplicate order/line item is already on file in the COP PO Pending Order file with the following warning:

Duplicate CPPOPEND XXXXXX999. If Ord#XXXXXX Was Prev Used, Initialize CPPOPEND

Initialize the CPPOPEND file to resolve the issue without using alpha document numbers. This can done by renaming the CPPOPEND.BTR file in the data directory for the company number that is currently being used. For example, to rename the file for company one:

At the command prompt in the Elliott data directory, rename CPPOPEND.BTR to CPPOPEND.OTR

This will cause the file to be initialized the next time the Order Entry is started in Customer Order Processing.

Programs Modified: CP0111

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