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Feature - Disable Changing Contact Password Through Global Setup eContact Manager

Release Date: 2/20/2012
Version: 8.5 & up

A new Global Setup flag had been added in Global Setup -> System -> eContact Manager:
    14. Allow User to Change eContact Password?
See sample screen below:

The default is "Y" for backward compatibility. If you set this flag to "N," then the user will not be able to change the password fields (they will be greyed out) in the eContact web tab when adding or changing an eContact.  See sample screen below:

Keep in mind that Elliott will continue to assign 6-digit random passwords when the eContact is added.

The reason you may wish to disable the password fields is if you have a website that allows your eContact to login, and your eContact can change their password through your website's web user interface.  Therefore, you do not wish to let your internal staff change the eContact's password through the Elliott user interface.


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