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Feature - Add New Print Option to Bank Book Reconciliation Process

Release date: 3/09/2020

Version: 8.5 & up

In Bank Reconciliation Processing, the user will press function key F1 to finalize the reconciliation once the account balances. Most users need three documents for filing and future auditing:

1. Bank Reconciliation Summary Report
2. Bank Reconciliation Uncleared Detail Report
3. Bank Reconciliation Uncleared with Cleared Detail Report

With the current system default configuration (Print Uncleared Detail Only = Y), the user would miss report # 3 Uncleared with Cleared Detail Report. The only way to print this report requires the user to exit out of Processing and print the Reconciliation Detail Report from the Report menu before pressing the F1 key. The user might forget the extra procedure and miss this important document. The following screen shows the current default parameters:

This new feature makes the following changes:
1. Removes the question "Print Reconciliation Report?" The system now assumes that it will  always print the report.
2. Removes the question "Print Summary Only?" The system now assumes that it will  always print details.
3. Adds an option "B" (Both) to Bank Reconciliation "Print Uncleared Detail Only?" question to allow both uncleared only and uncleared with cleared reports to be created.  Flag "B" (Both Uncleared Only and Uncleared with Cleared) is the default value now. It will print three bank reconciliation documents in one procedure. So you can expect to see the print options window pop up three times. See the following new parameter screen:

Sample Report

Uncleared Only Detail Report

Uncleared with Cleared Detail Report

Modified programs:  BB2000


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