Deferred and PostOffice Processing in Elliott V8.6

Version 8.6
Release Date: TBD


Elliott V8.6 brings the following changes to Deferred Processing and PostOffice Processing:
  • You no longer can specify Deferred Processing with any other output option. 
  • PDF PostOffice processing can be done in Deferred Processing.
  • PDF PostOffice documents that are saved to disk go to specific Spooled Reports folders.
  • Additional options for non-Deferred Processing PostOffice documents.

Deferred Processing Precludes Other Output

Starting with Elliott V8.6, selecting the Defer tab will unselect and disable all other tabs.  Previously, it was possible to send the report to the screen and schedule it for Deferred Processing.  Some users found this confusing, so we changed it only allow Defer when it is selected.  Notice that we have moved the Defer tab to the right edge to signify its independence from other outputs:

PDF PostOffice in Deferred Processing

Specifying the PostOffice Email Information

After selecting the Defer checkbox, you may select Print to PDF and with PostOffice.  When you do that, the top portion of the screen changes:
  • Some options are grayed out.
  • The Email Options button text is changed to PostOffice Email:

If you click on the PostOffice Email button, a dialog is presented where you can add or modify the PostOffice email parameters:

Undelivered PostOffice Documents

Prior to V8.6, it was not possible to use PDF PostOffice in Deferred Processing because a printer needed to be available to produce hard copies of any documents that could not be delivered automatically via email or fax.  Now, you can generate and deliver PDF PostOffice documents in Deferred Processing because all undelivered documents are sent to a ToBePrinted folder (highlighted in gray below) directly under the Company folder in Spooled Reports Manager.

All PDF PostOffice documents will be spooled to disk during Deferred Processing under the report task-id folder and the undelivered documents also will be spooled to the ToBePrinted folder.

Important: After one or more Deferred Processing actions produce non-deliverable documents, someone needs to go to the ToBePrinted folder in Spooled Reports, print and mail all those documents and then delete them from the ToBePrinted folder.  Note that these undelivered documents are also stored under the appropriate report task-id folder, like CPINVPRT, highlighted here in red.

Delivered (and Undelivered) PostOffice Documents

Prior to V8.6, PDF Post Office documents were output as follows:
  • Deliverable documents were emailed or faxed.
  • Undelivered documents were printed on the selected printer.
  • If the Disk tab was selected, documents were filed in the Spooled Reports directory structure like all other documents.  So PostOffice statements, for example, might be stored under the AR / 2019 / 03 folder.
  • It also was possible to store spooled reports in a report task-id folder (instead of under the package folder) by configuring EL860U.Cfg like this:
PROGRAM-TASK-ID=Daily, Monthly, Yearly or None

Beginning in Elliott V8.6, PDF PostOffice documents (in Deferred and non-Deferred Processing, automatically will be stored under the report task-id folder, directly under the company folder, as if the following entry was in EL860U.Cfg:


If an explicit entry in EL860U.Cfg contradicts the implied default entry above, the default will be overridden by the explicit entry.

Non-Deferred PostOffice Documents

When you are running PDF PostOffice documents in non-Deferred processing, you may select the Disk tab.  If you do that, a copy of the report will be stored in the normal Spooled Reports folder, in addition to the automatically stored one under the report task-id folder.

For non-Deferred PostOffice processing, you still may select a printer for the undelivered documents.  In that case, each undelivered document will be printed immediately and not stored in the ToBePrinted folder.


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