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How to Reprint a Credit Card Receipt

Release Date: 03/25/2019

Version: 8.2 & up

QI thought there was a way to reprint a cc receipt in Elliott. Where is this function located? I would have thought this would be located under Order Entry. Let me know.

A: You can do so from anywhere (when the system prompts you to enter the Credit Card) that you can use the F8=TrxID lookup to bring up the Payware Trx History window. For example, you can go to AR -> Processing -> Credit Card Trx Handle -> Add:

(1)    Enter the customer.

(2)    Enter the Source of Fund (default value).

(3)    At the field where it prompts you for “4. Crecit Card No/PW Trx ID,” Hist F8=TrxID Lookup.

(4)    In  the Select Payware Transaction window, you can highlight the transaction and click on the button “Print Receipt…” on the top right corner. See sample screen below:

Similar procedures exist in the COP Payment Window screen.


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