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Report Desk: Calculating Percentage

Elliott V8.6
Released: 4/28/23

Calculating Percentage

When you want to display a percentage on a report, you most likely will use a format like "N0" or "N1" or "N2," depending on the number of decimals you require.

Also, you will need to create a formula to calculate the percentage.  For example, if you wanted to calculate a salesperson's percent of the total sales, you would use a formula something like the following:


Of course, that might produce a number like 0.2222, if the percentage was 22.22%.  More than likely, you would want to express that as 22 or 22.2 or 22.22.  To do that you need to modify the function to something like this:


This would produce the desired result.

The mathematician in you might want to enter the formula the following way:


... since the two formulas are mathematically equivalent.  However, due to potential truncation during the internal calculations, if you multiply by 100 after the division, the result might display as 22.00 instead of 22.22 -- you might lose some precision on the right side of the decimal..

For this reason, we recommend that you always multiply by 100 before doing the division.


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