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Error 1315 Unable to Write to the Specified Folder When Installing Elliott 8.5

Release Date: 4/17/2020
Version: 8.5 & Up

Q - I understand that I must install Elliott 8.5 (& above) on the PSQL server. But when I install Elliott 8.5 on the server, I receive the following error message:
        Error 1315. Unable to write to the specified folder M:\Elliott7\.
See sample screen below:

What should I do?

A - The likely reason that this error occurs is because you are installing to a mapped drive path.  You must install to the corresponding local path of your Elliott folder.  In your above example, let's say the mapped drive path M:\Elliott7\ is corresponding to local path D:\Acct\Elliott7.  Then you should choose to install Elliott 8.5 to local path D:\Acct\Elliott7 instead of the mapped drive path M:\Elliott7. 

The reason for this is because the installation utility for Elliott 8.5 & above will need to perform UAC (User Access Control) security elevation to grant an administrator permission. When that happens, the installation utility will run under the new "Administrator" identity and does not have the mapped network drive accessible by default; hence the error.

So the quick solution to this problem is to install Elliott 8.5 (& above) to the Elliott corresponding local drive path. 

Alternatively, you could also add a registry key EnableLinkedConnections of DWord data type with value 1 to the following path:
See the following KB article for more detail if you wish to go with the alternative method. 


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