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Not Able to Increase or Decrease Elliott Font Size with A+ or A- Buttons

Release Date: 04/20/2020
Version: 8.0 & up

Q - I am trying to increase the font size of Elliott. The submenus A+ Bigger and A- Smaller are both grayed out and I am working with the smallest setting. Very difficult visually. See sample screen below:

The main menu is fine but I am having an issue with the submenus.

A - It is likely that you chose a "non-true-type" font like "08x15 Fixedsys." You can click on the "TT" button to verify. The 08x15 implies each font size is 8 by 15 pixels. See sample screen below:

Non-true-type fonts have a fixed size and can't be increased or decreased with the A+ or A- button.  To enable the A+ or A- button, you can choose a true type font that does not have the 99x99 beside the font name.  See sample screen below:


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