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Feature - Add Multiple Planning Types to Show in ATP Process Criteria

Release date: 5/8/2020

Version 8.5 & up

Currently in I/M -> Utility -> ATP Regen And Process -> ATP Processing, the following screen is displayed:

In the field “5. Planning Type to Show?” the user can enter one of the following values:

                P = Plan Order (X, F and A will also show)

                X = Firm Plan Order (F & A will also show)

                F = Firm Order (A will also show)

                A = Actual Order

In our original design, the user could only enter one type of order here. Typically, the user would start with “A” (actual orders) first and make sure there were none past due (controlled by 6. Planning Status to Show), and then progress to “F” (which included “A”). But if you had already resolved all the past due “A” records, then there would be nothing to show in the “A” category.  Then the user would progress to “X” using the same process, and then progress to “P,” which would include all other types.  If all the past due items for other types were addressed, then when choosing “P” for past due items only, there would be none of the other types to show.


This change will now allow three types or Space=All to be entered in the  “5. Planning Type to Show ?” line. 

 If "All" is selected, all columns will show and lines will be included if any of the columns have a value greater than zero.  If "P" is selected in any of the three types, all columns will show, but only lines where the value in the Plan Trx column is greater than zero will be included. If "X" is selected in any of the three types, the Actual Trx, Firm Trx, and Firm Plan columns will show, but the value in the Firm Plan column must be greater than zero for the line to be included.  The "A" and "F" types work in the same way.  If multiple types are selected, the line will be included if any of the types have a value greater than zero.

Pressing Enter=ATP will drill down to the ATP detail:

Please note that the planning type used will be the highest value determined by the planning types entered.  If "All" is selected or "P" is one of the three values entered, the planning type will be "P" on the detail screen.  Otherwise, if "X" is one of the three values entered, that will be the planning type, then "F" or "A" in that order.  

Modified program: IMATPPRC


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