Solving the Inability to Debug Elliott on a New Server

Release Date: 5/23/20
Version: 8.5 and higher

After migrating the Micro Focus COBOL environment onto a new server, it may be that you can run EL850CC.Exe, but you cannot debug EL850CC. 

The actual problem appears to be that a project built in C++ named ELBYTSTR.Exe cannot load due to some missing C++ runtime modules.

To resolve this issue, use Windows Explorer to navigate to G:\NSI.SRC\NW86\ELBYTSTR and double click on ELBYTSTR.Sln.  Make sure the solution launches Visual Studio 2015 – it might launch a different version by default. If that happens, right-click on ELBYTSTR.Sln and choose Open With and then Microsoft Visual Studio Version Selector. That will launch Visual studio 2015 and attempt to load the solution.
However, the solution will not load because there are missing C++ modules. If you get a dialog like this, that suggests that you install them, click Install and that will solve the problem.  

If that dialog does not display automatically, you may see something like this:

Notice in the Solution Explorer tab that ELBYTSTR is marked (unavailable).  Right-click on ELBYTSTR (unavailable) and select Install missing feature(s).  That will present the Install Missing Features dialog shown above.  All you need to do is click Install and follow the prompts to solve the problem.

If you see a dialog like this during the install process:

…follow the suggestion to close the Visual Studio application and then continue, following all instructions.  This process takes several minutes.

After you follow the above procedure, you should be able to debug EL860CC.


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