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In Location History, What Does the Asterisk Symbol Beside the Month Mean?

Release: 5/28/2020
Version: 8.2 & up

Q - In Stock Status Inquiry, when you drill down to Location History, I see an "*" asterisk symbol beside the current and future months.  What does that mean?  Especially, in the following example, I notice the usage in the current month is 3. But the actual usage is only 3.  The total at YTD should be 24 if we add up the usage from Jan to May. See sample screen below:

A - This behavior is related to the Global Setup -> Cop-Ctl -> Stock Status Inquiry:
    12. Show ATP Data When Drill Down to Loc History?
See sample screen below:

If you have this flag set to "N," then the usage in May will become 2, which is the data stored in the IMLOCHST table. The purpose of this flag is to show the projected usage in the future based on ATP. If you look at the ATP of this item, it will show there’s one outstanding COP order that has not shipped for the month of May. It seems to be a back order. See sample screen below:

This ATP back order is counted as the May usage. This flag is valuable for people who have long shipping cycles with their customers. They can see the projected quantity that will be used in the future months. On the other hand, the YTD total does not count future projections. So the 23 is based on a quantity of 2 in May. The actual usage in May is 2 so far, not 3.

The “*” asterisk symbol beside the month of May (the current month) and future months signals that the usage data contains future ATP usage data.

On the other hand, if you turn off the corresponding Global Setup flag, you will see the "*" asterisk symbol beside current and future months disappear. In this case, the month of May usage will show 2, instead of 3.  See sample screen below:

Generally speaking, if you have long cycles of shipments and back orders, seeing future projections by month can be very valuable. If not, you can consider turning off this flag.


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