How to Print Long AP Invoice Number on Checks

Release Date: 06/19/2020
Version: V7.5 & Up

Q - In Accounts Payable, the field for the invoice number is only 8 spaces. These days a lot of companies have much longer invoice numbers.

Can that field be expanded to 12-15 spaces? It would actually fit on the checks.

A - This is a known issue. We plan to expand the vendor invoice number to 12 digits in Elliott V9. We don’t expect V9 will come out anytime soon. But even after we expand to 12 digits in V9, you will still have issues with some vendors that send you very long invoice numbers. Therefore, our common advise to our customers is to enter the vendor’s long invoice number in the “Voucher Reference” field, which is 30 digits long. In Elliott Global Setup -> Acct -> A/P Global Control, there’s a flag “1. Print Voucher Reference On A/P Check?” You want to set that flag to “Y.” Then upon A/P check printing, the 30-digit voucher reference will be printed on the check stub. See sample screen below:


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