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Change - Change Definition of Usage Type's in User Def CSV

Release date: 6/19/20

Version 8.5 & Up

In IM --> Report --> Reorder Advice/User Def CSV --> Maintenance --> User Defined CSV Layout, we changed the definition of UA, U1, U2, U3, U6, and UA type column values so they do not include usage from the current month.  All of these fields will use the prior month's usage and earlier usage to find the usage total.

Please note that the replacement for U1 Usage MTD, which is Usage Month-to-Date, would be to use type "U" and "CP/CY" for both "From Pr/Yr" and "To Pr/Yr."

Descriptions and column headings for these types have also changed.

Previous values:

New values:

Modified programs: IMCCLTYP.WS, IMSLSHCP


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