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Report Desk Company DSN missing. Ask your administrator to run EL860CF

Release Date: 6/26/20
Version: 8.6 & up

Q - When I try to run a report in Elliott 8.6, I receive the following message:
    "Report Desk Company DSN missing. Ask your administrator to run EL860CF."
See sample screen below:

What should I do?

A - Report Desk is a feature in Elliott 8.6 that is based on the PSQL relational engine. If you choose to turn on this feature in Global Setup -> System -> Comp. Specialized Control -> Flag "4. Use Report Desk?,"  then you will need to indicate the DSN that will be used to access this company.  You can do this through the EL860CF.EXE utility, or you can edit the EL860.CFG file. See the following sample screen for turning on the Report Desk feature:

Create or Manage Database (DSN) on PSQL Server

Before you can indicate the database (DSN) to be used for Report Desk, you will first need to make sure that you have created the database on the PSQL server.  The following is a sample of databases available on a PSQL server through the PSQL Control Center view:

To create Elliott database by following Elliott's naming convention, please see the following KB article:

To manually create database in PSQL Control Center, please see the following KB article:

To use EL860DB.EXE utility to create the PSQL database, please see the following KB artilce:

Define Report Desk Database Name
Use Notepad to Update EL860.CFG
Once you have created the database on the PSQL server, you need to indicate so in the  <ElliottRoot>\Bin86\EL860.CFG file.  See sample screen below:

You can use an editor like NOTEPAD.EXE to edit this file directly.  Keep in mind that sometimes NTFS security may prevent you from saving your changes, so verify your changes afterwards. 

In the above example, you can see that company 01 is using ELIDATA (Elliott 8.2 DDF) instead of ELI86DATA (Elliott 8.6 DDF).  The reason for this is because Elliott 8.6 DDF defines all document numbers as strings.  If you have not converted your Elliott database to use alphabetic document numbers, then you should continue to use Elliott 8.2 DDF to access your data.

Use EL860CF.EXE to Update EL860.CFG
If you don't feel comfortable updating the EL860.CFG file, you can use the utility <ElliottRoot>\Bin86\EL860CF.EXE to update it.  See sample screen below:

Once you have the proper database defined for the company, you will no longer receive the error message.  As you start a traditional Elliott report, you may see the following Report Desk Selection window pop up:

The "Legacy" report is the one you used to report.  All other "UDRs" (User Defined Reports) are new Report Desk reports.


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