What Is the Meaning of Leading Two Letters of Journal Source in General Ledger or Distribution?

Release Date: 07/10/20
Version: 7.x & Up

Q - What is the difference between CM , CV, CP and AP in journal source in AP GL Distribution?

B - You can find out the meaning of them if you go to GL -> Reports -> Journal History Report and print a list.  The following is a sample:

For your convenience, we provide the list below as a reference:

Package Journal Source Source Descriptions Assign
AP (Accounts Payable) AP AP Voucher Transaction / Prepaid Payment Auto
AP (Accounts Payable) CM Manual Payment Auto
AP (Accounts Payable) CP Check Payment Auto
AP (Accounts Payable) CV Check Voided Auto
AR (Accounts Receivable) AR AR Adjustment for Debit /Credit Memo Auto
AR (Accounts Receivable) CR Cash Receipts Transaction Auto
BOM (Bill of Material and Productions) PT Manufacturing Production Transaction Auto
COP (Customer Order Processing) OP Sales Post from Order Processing Auto
GL (General Ledger) GJ General Journal Auto / Changeable
GL (General Ledger) RJ Recurring Journal Manually
IM (Inventory Management) BC Cost Adjustment from Bill of Material Recap Auto
IM (Inventory Management) IM Inventory Adjustment or Transfer Auto
IM (Inventory Management) TG Inventory Physical Count Adjustment Auto
PO (Purchase Order and Receiving) PO Inventory Receipts from PO Receiving Processing Auto


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