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How to Mass Update Item Master's Bin No/Pick Sequence

Release Date: 08/06/2020
Version: 8.0 & up

Q - I need to change bin#/pick sequence on all inventory items. What is the best method to export, then import back in after changes are made in Excel.

A - The best way to accomplish it is to go to I/M -> Utility -> Change Existing Item Import. Create a CSV file with the following layout:

n this case, you just need data in column A (Item No) and Column Q (Bin#/Pick Seq). Leave all other columns in your CSV blank, which means "do not change."  Then perform the import. You should do a “Pre-Interface” to make sure there’s no error before you do the actual interface. Have a backup of your <ElliottRoot>\DATA\IMITMFIL.BTR file first before you start mass changes. Do it at time when no users are in the system to avoid update locking conflicts. Import and update a few items first before you update all items. It’s important to be always on the safe side.

You can create the initial CSV file by using Elliott’s “Export Processor.” If you have other tools that can access Elliott’s data, that will be fine too.  


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