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The Selected Menu Item Could Not Be Launched - Caused by Anti-Virus

Release Date: 08/25/2020

QWe are receiving the launch exception error after we have log into Elliott and when we attempt to open a task:
Elliott 8.5 Control Center Menu Launch Exception

The selected menu item could not be launched. See CCErrors.Log for complete details.

Access is denied

I was able to use Elliott last week. We have not successfully used Elliott today due to the error.

I have copied our IT consultant on this email in the event that a change to the network might have caused the issue.

A - We first responded by requesting the log file:

Can you email us the log file <ElliottRoot>\Log\01\CCErrors.log file for analysis? Where <ElliottRoot> is your Elliott root directory like “M:\Elliott7” depending on where you install Elliott. 

We later received the following message from their IT confirming that this is an anti-virus issue:

This is the IT. I found the issue it was within the antivirus on the server.


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