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Feature - Addition of TOR, QtyOH, OHValue to Stock Status Inquiry

Release date 9/3/2020

Version 8.5 & Up

The purpose of this feature is to evaluate how planners manage the inventory in the past and the foreseeable future. For this reason, we added the following new columns to Stock Status Inquiry -> Location History Information screen:
  • TOR = Turnover Ratio (Yearly Usage / Qty OH.) Generally speaking, the higher this value, the better.
  • Qty OH = Quantity on Hand at End of Month (or Year)
  • OH-Value = QtyOH * Unit Cost
In Location History Information, you will need to press the F7 key twice to reach the Quote/OH screen, as shown below.

Notice an "*" (asterisk) may appear next to a value on any of the Location History Information screens where the value is "estimated." This includes the YTD or LastYr (if you are in the future year) values if they are estimated or calculated.  

In the above example, this KB article is written as of September 2020. so the quantity on hand and the values for Sep., Oct., Nov., and Dec. 2020 are estimated based on ATP (Available To Promise). We put an "*" beside the numbers to remind you accordingly.  Keep in mind that we will only display estimated future quantities on hand if the following flag is turned on in Global Setup (Global Setup-->Cop-Ctl-->Stock Status Inquiry):
    12. Show ATP Data When Drill Down to Loc History ?

The TOR (Turnover Ratio) values has an "*" beside it because it is calculated based on the estimated "Yearly Usage Qty" / "Month End Qty on Hand." The "Yearly Usage Qty" for the current year can be calculated in two ways: (1) If the above Global Setup flag is turned on, the system calculates the Year End Usage Qty based on the actual usage in the past and the future usage from ATP, including planning and forecast ATP records; (2) If the above Global Setup flag is turned off (or blank - the default is off), the system calculates the Yearly Usage Qty based on the current year usage rate. This number may be off at the beginning of a new year when there's not a lot of history to make this projection reliable.


The following is an example of what appears if the above flag is set to "N." The future months will not have values in any of the columns.

Again, due to the global setup flag is "N", both yearly usage and current, as well as future monthly QtyOH values will not be determined based on data in the ATP. Instead, the yearly usage value is calculated by projecting the current YTD usage as it would be at the end of the year at that same rate of usage. The TOR column is then calculated by dividing the prorated yearly usage by each month's Qty OH. The OH-Value column is computed by multiplying the monthly Qty OH by item unit cost (average, last or standard based on your cost method in I/M Global Setup.)

The other two screens in Location History Information can also have an "*" next to any field that is estimated or calculated if the Global Setup flag is "Y":

Starting with this revision, by default, we display the zero value as blank so if there are any non-zero values, they will stand out on the Location History screen.

Modified program: IMLOCHST


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