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How do I change the tag on each copy of an invoice or other form? What would prevent them from printing?

Release Date: 09/10/2020
Version: V7.0 & Up

The tags can be changed in the Laser Form Designer. This is accessed through the Report Output Options when a form is printed.

Click the Options button to access the Appearance Options.

From there you can select the form template you want to change and then click Edit Form. This will take you to the Laser Form Designer.

Click on the Copies tab to view the tags to print on each copy.

From here you can change the literal for each tag and even add tags for more copies. The default for most invoice forms are Original Copy for copy one, Customer Copy for copy two, and File Copy for copy three.

If only one copy is printed, the tag does not appear. You must print two or more copies to activate the tags.

The copies can be split among multiple printers.


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