Feature - PO Item Receiving Allocation

Release Date: 09/10/2020
Version: 8.2 & Up

PO Item Receiving Allocation is a vertical add-on feature with separate licensing required. If you are licensed to use this feature, you can go to Global Setup -> Add-Ons -> Other Add-On License setup. You will see a screen show up that prompts you for the following information:
    1. Use Item Receiving Allocation ?
    2. Hold Trx Expire in How Many Days?
    3. Default Value for Create Alloc?

You must answer “Y” to “1. Use Item Receiving Allocation?” to turn on this feature. Then you will see the extra field in the PO Warehouse Receiving screen:
    12. Create Alloc?

For those warehouse receiving transactions that have the flag “12. Create Alloc?” set to “Y”, upon the posting, the corresponding hold transactions are created in I/M -> Maintenance -> Hold Transaction File. The "Item" is the quantity allocated and essentially makes the items  not available to sell even though they are in your inventory. If you have a scenario in which you need to receive the inventory, but you don't want to make that inventory available to sell yet, you will find this feature very useful.

By default, each Hold Transaction can have an expiration date. You can determine that based on the Global Setup flag “2. How Trx Expire in How Many Days?”

When a hold transaction has expired, the inventory does not get released automatically. Instead, you need to go to I/M -> Maintenance -> Hold Transaction File -> Purge, which will get rid of the expired hold transactions and de-allocate the inventory. If you like to use the Purge function, you can consider deferring it as a daily routine. If not, you will just manually delete those hold transactions to release the inventory to a salesperson to sell. You can print a hold transaction edit list to see the outstanding hold transactions.

For the Global Setup flag “3. Default Value for Create Alloc?” the default value should most likely be “N,” which determines the default value of flag "12. Create Alloc?" above.


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