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Inconsistent File Name in Btrieve Error Window

Release Date: 09/11/20
Version: 7.x - 8.5

Q - I notice that sometimes in a Btrieve Error window, the physical file and the file name are not consistent.  Take, for example, the following error message:
    EL850P: Btrieve Error 067 on NSCTLFIL COP Control File

NSCTLFIL is the NS Control File, not the COP Control File. Why the inconsistency?

A - This may happen if there is an error in a non-Btrieve file. In this case, the COP Control File is CPCTLFIL.DAT, which is not a Btrieve file.  The DAT file is handled by the Run time and does not go through the Elliott Btrieve file handler. So when there's an error, we have the "COP Control File" information. But we don't have the physical file name. 

In this case, the error is in a COP Control File, and the system manager assumes the last file system access in the Btrieve File Handler is the one that caused the error, which is NSCTlFIL in his case. NSCTLFIL.BTR actually does not have an error, so this is misleading information.  This issue will be addressed when Elliott converts all DAT files to BTR in the future version of Elliott.

This inconsistent file name issue is no longer a problem with Elliott V8.6 and up.


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