Feature - Add Stocking UOM Variable to ADDITEM Event in Item File Maintenance

Release Date: 09/15/2020
Version: 8.5 & up

The purpose of this feature is to add support of the Item Stocking Unit of Measure variable in ADDITEM event when the user adds an item through Item File Maintenance, or copies an item. The ADDITEM event is currently not supported through the CSV utility import.

By adding the Stocking UOM variable the user can, for example, monitor to see if an item is added with the  proper UOM. This may be important with EDI, where the trading partner may reject an EDI document with an  unsupported UOM. Since all trading partners will support "EA" as a valid UOM, we suggest that your best choice is to use "EA" for any EDI-related items.

You can subscribe to the ADDITEM event by going to Item File Maintenance change mode. Bring up an item and click on the "Event" button.  Press F5 to select a new event to subscribe.

Notice a new variable "Stocking UOM" is added:

The following is a sample email setup for this event:

Modified Programs: IM0101, IMCPYITM


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