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Elliott Synchronizing to Local Error

Release Date: 09/16/2020
Version: 8.5 & up

Q - The following error occurred while logging into Elliott after the live update. Before logging in, I was completely backed out at the time.
Elliott Synchronizing to Local Error

We were unable to synchronize your local version of Elliott to the Network.

the process cannont access access the file
'C:\Users\melissa\AppData\Local\Netcellent\S\elliott7\Bin85\EL850RV.exe' because it is being used by another process.

Please ask all suers on this machine to logout and if necessary, reboot this machine then try again. Alternatively, please try to run C:\Users\melissa\AppData\Local\Netcellent\S\Elliott7\Bin85\EL850SY.EXE. If the problem persists, please contact your network administrator.

Would you like to continue to run Elliott? You will not be running the latest version of Elliott if proceed.

A - This usually means that your Elliott is not completely closed. EL850RV.EXE is Elliott’s report viewer. Maybe you have an Elliott report displaying on the screen and it's hidden as a minimized icon somewhere? If you can’t find it, I would suggest that you log out of your Windows and try again. If that does not work, then you need to reboot your workstation and try again. We are pretty sure the reboot of the workstation will close the open file(s).


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