Elliott Automatically Adds Destination Location for Transfer If Item Is Not Stocked

Release Date: 09/22/2020
Version: 7.x & Up

Q - I noticed that if an item on transfer order is not stocked at the destination location, Elliott allows the user to enter the line. I think that this should not be allowed. Elliott of course checks that the item is stocked at the from location.

AThere’s a Global Setup flag in Dist -> I/M Global Control -> 8. Auto Create Inv Loc When Add/Rec/Trnsf Item ?

You can set this flag to “N” to disable this feature. See sample screen below:

The user followed up with the following question:
Shouldn't Elliott stop the user if the item is not stocked at the destination? 

Here is our response:
Many users set up additional locations for logical purposes. Some users would rather have a clean IMINVLOC (I/M Inventory Control) table. So when an item is created, it is only created for the primary location and the corresponding records for each location in IMINVLOC are not created. Then when it becomes necessary to transfer an item to the secondary location, they like the corresponding IMINVLOC record to be created automatically, which is what we did when this Global Setup flag is set to “Y.” Keep in mind that’s not the original MACOLA feature. We added this specifically because of requests from users. We added the Global Setup flag so you can control this behavior.

From the user friendliness point of view, I think adding the IMINVLOC record automatically makes sense. From a controlling aspect, allowing management to control the adding of  the IMINVLOC record makes more sense. So it all depends on your point of view.


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