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Third Party ACH Payment Software to Support Elliott AP (Accounts Payable)

Release Date: 9/28/2020
Revised Date: 11/30/2022
Version: 8.5

Q - Do you support any third party ACH software that will work with Elliott's Accounts Payable module?

A - We have a few customers who has implemented the following solution:
ACH Universal by Treasury Software    
We also made several changes to our software to make the integration go smoothly:
  1. When printing A/P computer checks, we added a new flag “Incl/Excl Vend Tp?.” You will select your vendor type to separate regular computer checks vs. ACH. Then you would separate them into two batches. For the ACH batch, you only print to paper. See the following KB article for more details:
  2. There’s a new enhancement that allows you to assign the ACH batch by using the “Manual Check Number” range so it does not mess up your computer check range.
  3. When you print the check history, you now have the option of exporting to CSV file. The CSV file can then interface with Treasury Software. I think the linking is by Vendor Number.
  4. On the Treasury Software, you will need to set up the vendor ACH and other information that’s required for the integration. You can also configure an email for the remittance advice. The following is a sample email of the remittance advice through ACH Universal:

As far as we know, they have implemented ACH Universal successfully with the exception of this minor complaint:
“It for the most part works pretty good. My big complaint about it is our lack of ability to delete a vendor/employee from the system. If we need to make a change it creates a 2nd account and then we cant delete the original. They talk like this is a bug specific to us, but we normally have to call them anytime we need to edit anything.”


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