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Feature - Added QI (Qty Sold in Invoice History) Data Type to the User Defined CSV Export

Release date: 10/8/2020

Version: 8.5 & Up

Changes have been made to the Reordering Advice User Defined CSV Export programs.  You can access this feature from I/M -> Reports -> Reordering Advice Reports ->  Maintenance -> User Defined CSV Layout for the specification maintenance and I/M -> Reports -> Reordering Advice Reports -> Print -> User Defined CSV Export to run the export.

The program now supports the following additional column type in User Defined CSV Maintenance:

  • QI - Qty Sold in Invoice History

QS vs QI - The new QI data type is similar to the QS (Qty Sold) data type. But while the QS data type column gets its numbers from IM Location History or IM Inventory transaction files, the QI data type gets its numbers from the CP Invoice Line item file.  So why did we add the support of QI when we already have QS?  The main reason is related to sales analysis of kit items. This is related to the Global Setup -> Cop-Func -> Post Invoice to A/R. There is the following flag:

    3. Post Sales By Kit Component ?

The default value is "N." But if you set this flag to "Y," it means you would rather track the sales information, including data in IM Location History, by kit components instead of kit parents. This means that you will see the component QS (quantity sold) when data is retrieved from IM Location History. You will not see kit parent's quantity sold with QS.  On the other hand, we preserve the kit parent's item number in the Invoice History line item database even if you have this flag set to "Y." Therefore, if you wish to analyze quantity sold by kit parents, then you can use "QI" - Qty Sold in Invoice History.

Performance Consideration - Keep in mind that QI get its number by reading through the details of Invoice History line items, so potentially there could be a performance issue.  On the other hand, when you use QS and if the data is retrieved from IMLOCHST (Location History), the data can be retrieved with reading the minimum number of records which would result in faster performance. Use QI at your discretion.

The interface for QI is similar to QS. We prompt for starting period, starting year, ending period and ending year as follows.

Options for the Pr columns include CP=Current Prd, LP=Last Prd, NP=Next Prd, PP=Prior Prd or the period number.

Options for the Yr column include  CY=Current Year, LY=Last Year, YB=Year Before Last Year, or the actual year 0-99.

 We also give the option to choose all customers, specific customers, specific type or specific group type. 

Since the primary purpose of using the "QI" data type is for analyzing kit parent's quantity sold through the Invoice History database, it is likely you would run this report for kit item only by using the following parameters:

Modified programs:  IMCCLTYP.WS, IMCCLSTP (compile only), IMCCLMNT, IMSLSHCP


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