Feature - Allow to Start or Stop a Material Work Order

Release Date: 10/22/20
Version: 8.5 & Up

In the past, we have had the function BOMP -> Processing -> Production Transaction Processing -> Material Work Order -> Start that allows users to start a material work order which will change the work order status to "S" (Started) and save the system date to the Work Order Last Transaction Date to represent the work order start date.

Users can now use the same function to Toggle. That is to say, in the past when the user entered the work order that was already started, the system would give the following message:
    Work Order Already Started!
That is now changed to:
    Work Order Already Started! Unstart This Order?
The default is "No." If the user answers "Y," then the work order status is reversed back to "P" (Printed) and the Work Order Last Transaction Date becomes blank. See sample screen below:

Modified Programs: BMSTRTWO

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