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Feature - Use F2=Labor Only When Reporting Zero Qty in Plus WO Time Clock Reporting

Release date: 11/6/2020
Version 8.5 & Up

In Plus Work Order, Work Order Production Reporting for the time clock operation, the user can choose "Qty Completed" = 0. This will stop the time clock for either that operation or the previous operation (depending on what operation was previously in progress). If the user chooses to report Qty Completed = 0, then there is no Production Transaction created. As a result, the WIP and accounting side will not be updated. If the user wishes to create production transactions so WIP is created, the user can press the F2 key which tells the system to report "Labor Only."

By pressing the F2 key, it signifies that even though the user did not complete any quantity, they would like to create the production transaction of zero quantity and reflect the labor. This may happen at the end of the day.  This usually happens for those who produce items where the operations take a long time to complete -- like several weeks or months.  It is important that labor is captured so the financial report reflects the correct information.

We have added a Global Setup flag in BOMP Global Control, screen 7 to allow making "F2=Labor Only" as the default, so it is less likely that the operator will make a mistake by forgetting to press F2. 

The new flag is "1. Def to Rpt Labor Only When Rpt Zero Qty with Plus WO ?" The default is "N."

If this flag is set to "Y," then during BOMP Work Order Time Clock Operation, and when the user chooses to report production but the Qty Completed = 0, it is as if the F2=Labor Only key is pressed. 



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