New Feature: Document Notes

Release Date: TBD
Version: Elliott 8.6


Elliott users are familiar with the availability of Notes in many places in Elliott.  Whenever a particular record is being processed (a customer, a sales order, etc.), pressing F6 will bring up a list of any notes that are associated with that record.

Document Notes extends that capability to the current subject matter.  For example, when you are at the Customer Maintenance screen and before you have selected a particular customer, pressing F6 will bring up a list of any notes that are associated with Customer Maintenance.  Document Notes apply to all companies at your Elliott installation.

Document Notes are not the same as Help information (pressing F1).  Help information is maintained by Netcellent and applies to all users.  Document Notes extend Help information by adding installation-specific notes to the current subject matter.

Like regular notes, Document Notes can be created and maintained by select users.

Enabling Document Notes
By default, Document Notes are not enabled.  To enable them for a company, go to System Utilities / Global Setup / System / Comp. specialized control; then select Change and item 4:

This will initially be set to N.  You can change it to Y, if you want to give all users the ability to create Document Notes, but more likely, you will select N, to limit the users who can create or modify Document Notes.  

Enter N and press Enter and you will see a screen where you can enter up to 20 specific users who will have this ability:

At this point, you have enabled Document Notes and specified who, beyond SUPERVISOR, can create the content for your local Document Notes.

Using Document Notes
When you are on an Elliott legacy screen, before you pick a specific record, you will see that the familiar Notes button in the toolbar has a different icon:

Here, the icon is enabled, meaning two things:
  1. There are no Document Notes for this subject matter (it is not red hot).
  2. This user can create Documents if desired.
If there are Document Notes for the current subject matter, the icon will look "hot", like this:

If there are no Document Notes for the current subject matter and the user has no ability to create them, the toolbar button will be disabled and look like this:

Finally, when you press the F6 toolbar button and there are one or more Document Notes available, you will see the normal list of notes:, except indicating they are Document Notes for the current Help ID:

Selecting such a note will bring up the Document Note with specific content for your installation of Elliott:

Too many programs to list.

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