Logging I-O Logic Errors

Release Date: 11/11/2020
Versions: 85. and up


Internally, the file handling layer in Elliott allows programs to issue I-O commands, like closing a file when it is already closed, without penalty.  That is, since there is no harm done in trying to close a file that is not open, Elliott simply returns a normal status and allows the program to continue.  Recently, all these I-O logic errors have been logged to a file named IOLgcErr.Log in the appropriate Log directory.

Beginning with this release, by default, these errors will not be logged.  However, if logging of these errors is desired, any user has the ability to enable logging.

Enabling Logging of I-O Logic Errors
To enable logging of the I-O logic errors, press the Setup button on the Control Center ToolBar.  This brings up the Setup/Preferences screen:

Select the Diagnostics tab and check the Log I-O Logic Errors checkbox to begin logging whenever you run Elliott at this computer.

The file will be located in the appropriate log directory:

... with data like the following, which needs an Elliott developer to interpret:


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