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Release Date: 11/25/2020
Versions: 8.5 and Higher

Toolbar Functionality

This API affects the appearance and functionality of the Amigos buttons (Notes, Attributes, Contacts, Links, Events, General Events) and Special Functions button on the Elliott legacy screen toolbar:

Following are the details of this API:
  • TB,00:  Clear the Amigo key information.  Reset the state (hot = red) of the Amigo bitmaps.
  • TB,01:  Set the Amigo key information from PASSING-NOTE-FILE-NAME and PASSING-NOTE-FILE-REF-NUMBER.  Set the state of all Amigos buttons if the associated records exist.
  • TB,10:  Clear any special function information for the program in TB-SF-PROGRAM-ID.
  • TB,11,x:   Add a special function.  It stays available until it is removed. TB-SF-Program_ID contains the program to call; TB-SF-Menu-Text contains the menu text; x contains the hot-key letter; TB-SF-Passing-Parameters contains any passing parameters; Screen-SF-DD-Parameters, if it starts with "DD," contains any DD parameters.
  • TB,20,nn:  Disable a specific toolbar button
  •                   nn:  01 = Note, 02 = Attribute, 03 = Contact, 04=Event, 05 = Link01
  • TB,21,nn:   Enable a specific Amigo Toolbar button and, optionally, specify a PASSING-NOTE-FILE-NAME and PASSING-NOTE-FILE-REF-NUMBER.
  • TB,31,01: Allow changing notes by calling the Notes program, using PASSING-NOTE-FILE-NAME, PASSING-NOTE-FILE-REF-NUMBER. Show the Note window even if there are no matched notes.
  • TB,31,01,10,tttttt:  Call the Notes program, using PASSING-NOTE-FILE-NAME, PASSING-NOTE-FILE-REF-NUMBER and, optionally, a specific NoteType (tttttt). Show the Note window only if there is at least one matched note.
  • TB,31,01,11,tttttt: Same as TB,31,01,10,tttttt except that any notes will be presented as ReadOnly, with no ability to add, modify or delete any note. Show the Note window only if there is at least one matched note.
  • TB,31.02:  Call the Attribute program, using PASSING-NOTE-FILE-NAME, PASSING-NOTE-FILE-REF-NUMBER.
  • TB,31,03:  Call the eContacts program using PASSING-NOTE-FILE-NAME, PASSING-NOTE-FILE-REF-NUMBER.
  • TB,31,04:  Call the Events program using PASSING-NOTE-FILE-NAME, PASSING-NOTE-FILE-REF-NUMBER.
  • TB,31,05:  Call the Links program using PASSING-NOTE-FILE-NAME, PASSING-NOTE-FILE-REF-NUMBER.
  • TB,98:   Delete all associated Amigo records for the current Amigo. 
  • TB,99:   Delete all associated Amigo records for the Amigo specified in PASSING-NOTE-FILE-NAME and PASSING-NOTE-FILE-REF-NUMBER.

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