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Report Desk: Input Constants

Release Date: TBA
Version: 8.6


Occasionally a report will need the user to enter a parameter input value that does not get used in a WHERE phrase, but may be used in a CASE statement in a function.  These input parameters are referred to as constants.  Here is an example.

Let's say you want the user to be able to enter a cutoff value constant which you will use to classify each detail row.  First, you need to create a function in the template that uses that constant:

In the above example, the input parameter called PctInClassA is represented by @@PARAM.PctInClassA@@ in the SQL function called SuggClass.  You can see that there are two such parameter input constants, PctInClassA and PctInClassB.

Now, you must drag a new constant to the Where Grid:

A default Column name is provided.  You should change the Prompt and Type column values as desired and then click on the info button to change the name to match the formula name and provide any other values:

After you save the design and run the report, the Parameter Input screen will look like this:

Further, press SQL to see how the constant value "80" replaces PARAM.PctInClassA@@ in the SQL SELECT statement:

Input Constants are available in this way to specify parameter values that are used in SQL functions defined in the report design template.


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