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Feature - Change Order, Quote and RMA Acknowledgement Email Recipients Similar to PDF PostOffice

Release Date: 12/19/2020
Version: 8.6

Before Elliott 8.6, the Order, Quote and RMA Acknowledgement Email Recipients were determined by the following logic:
  1. All eContacts on the order will receive acknowledgement emails.
  2. If there is/are eContact(s) in the order, then no other eContact will receive the acknowledgement emails.
  3. If there is no eContact in the order, then we look for the ship-to primary eContact.
  4. If there is no ship-to primary eContact, then we look for the customer primary eContact.
In our opinion, the above logic should be improved to be similar to PDF PostOffice logic. Starting in Elliott V8.6, we introduced three  additional flags in the eContact, Web tab, "Email Docs" button window as follows:

These three flags by default are "Yes" for order eContacts and "No" for Customers, Ship-To and Salesman.  

In Elliott 8.6, this is how we will determine which eContacts should receive the acknowledgement emails:
  1. All eContacts on the order will receive acknowledgement emails by default, unless specifically indicated with "No."
  2. All eContacts on the corresponding Customer, Ship-to and Salesman by default will be "No" unless specifically indicated with "Yes."
  3. The primary eContact flag is irrelevant in determining whether or not to receive an acknowledgement email.
Any user who uses Order, Quote or RMA Acknowledgement emails should evaluate this change when upgrade to  8.6 and prepare for the difference.  You could use a utility in Global Setup -> Utilities -> System Utilities -> eContact Utilities -> Update email Do Flags to help. This utility will allow you to update these 3 flags through CSV import. Please see the following KB article for more details:

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