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Feature - Create Hold Trx when Posting Inventory Trx

Release Date: 12/21/2020

Version 8.5 & Up

In PO Warehouse Receiving File Maintenance, a "Create Alloc ?" flag exists to signify that during posting of the transactions a record will be created in the Hold Transaction file.  That is to say that even though it is received and the inventory is in the system, it is still on "Hold" and the quantity is allocated, so the inventory is not available to be sold until management decides to release the hold by deleting the record from the Hold Transaction file.
With this project, this same capability will now be possible with the I/M Inventory Transaction processing.

Begin by going to Global Setup -> Dist -> I/M Global Control, screen 4.  In field 10, enter the number of days the hold transaction will remain active.  If the expiration date is reached and the Hold Transactions purge utility is run,  the allocation and ATP will be taken out of the system.

Next, in IM -> Maintenance -> Distribution Type File, for Trx Type "R" or "T," enter a "Y" in field "4. Create Allocation ? " for those types where hold transactions are to be created.  Default for this field will be "N." 

Now, during IM -> Processing -> Inventory Transaction Processing, if the Dist field is filled with a Distribution type that has the "Create Allocation ?" set to "Y," during posting of the transaction a record will be created in the Hold Transaction file and the Qty Allocated will be increased by the Qty Recvd.

The Inventory Transaction Processing Edit List will now show the Dist Type field.

The Inventory Transaction Processing Journal will also show the Dist Type field.

After Inventory Transaction posting, the qty will show as allocated until the hold transaction is deleted.

To help cross-referencing, the field "10. Hold Description" format is "RCV#999999 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" where:
  • "RCV" can be "RCV" or "TRF" depending on the transaction type that created the hold transaction record.  
  • The 999999 is the inventory transaction documentation number.
  • The first 19 digits of the inventory transaction comment will be shown in the "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" area.
Modified programs: IM2401, IM2402, IM24P1, IMDSTMNT, IMDSTPRT


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