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How to Get All Credit Memo Documents in AR Open Item File

Release Date: 12/24/2020
Version: 7.0 & Up

Q - How do we get a list of all credit amount documents in the AROPNFIL that are not applied to anything? Is there a way to get just these documents using the Expanded Aging Report?

A - You can use one of the following two methods: 

Method 1 - Use Expanded Aging Report
This method is suitable to your users since no special security is required. You can get all credit memo documents by going to A/R -> Reports -> Aging Reports -> Expanded Aging Report with CSV. View the exported CSV in Excel. To narrow down to those credit memos is actually pretty easy. All you have to do is to use the "Sort" function in Excel as follows:
  Sort by "Tp" Order A to Z
  Then by "ApplyTo" Order A to Z
See sample screen below:

The result is the following in Excel, which will show "Credit Memo" with no apply-to in the top section:

The "Tp" column refers to the document type, which can have the following values:
  • C = Credit Memo
  • D = Debit Memo
  • F = Finance Charge
  • I = Invoice
  • P = Payment
As for "ApplyTo" column, all open credit memos' apply-to will be zero.

Method 2 - Use SQL Statement 
Alternatively, you can use the following SQL statement in PCC (Pervasive Control Center), Crystal Reports, Excel Query, Web Services or any third-party tools:

If your database is converted to allow alphabetic document numbers, use the following SQL statement:
    select * from aropnfil where ar_opn_doc_tp = 'C' and ar_opn_apply_to = '000000'
If your database is not converted, then your document numbers are still in numeric format. Use the following SQL statement:
      select * from aropnfil where ar_opn_doc_tp = 'C' and ar_opn_apply_to = 0  


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