Feature - Print Item Barcode on the PO Warehouse Receiving Posting Journal

Release Date: 12/28/2020

Version: 8.5 and Above

The PO Warehouse Receiving Posting Journal report layout has been rearranged to allow for barcoding of the item number field. See the following example:

This can be useful if you wish to scan the item barcode for secondary operations after the posting in PO Warehouse Receiving.

In order to enable this function, you should first import the laser form template POWHRPST.F01 which you can find in the <ElliottRoot>\Bin85\Forms folder. See sample screen below:

If you are using a version newer than Elliott 8.5, then substitute the appropriate bin folder that corresponds to your Elliott version. If you don't see this file, please contact your resellers or Netcellent.

Import POWHRPST.F01 Laser Form Template
To import the POWHRPST.F01 file into your Elliott form template, the easiest way is to go to COP -> Processing -> Print Duplicate Invoice -> Print Posted Duplicate Invoice. Pick any invoice number like "1" (It's okay even if it does not exist since our intention is not to print invoice.) In the Print Option window, click the "Options..." button. See sample screen below:

In the Appearance Options window, highlight any form under the "Form Template" dropdown. and click the "Edit Form..." option. See sample screen below:

In the Laser Form Designer window, click on the "Import" button. See sample screen below:

In the popup user interface, navigate and find <ElliottRoot>\Bin85\Forms\POWHRPST.F01, then import it.  See sample screen below:

Once you import POWHRPST.F01, save and exit Laser Form Designer. Do not print the invoice in the above example.

Chose Laser Form Template in PO Warehouse Receiving Posting for the First Time
The first time you post in PO Warehouse Receiving, the system does not know you want to use the newly imported laser form. As you can see in the following sample screen, the Print Option window does not show any laser form. To enable the Elliott system to remember the preference for this workstation, you need to choose the "Options..." button in the Print Option window when you choose to post in  PO Warehouse Receiving Journal.

In the Appearance Options window, click on the "Form Template" dropdown and choose "01 With Item Barcode," then click "OK" to save it as the future default. Then post your warehouse receiving information. Keep in mind this default preference is saved on a workstation-by-workstation basis. If you have other workstations that also perform posting, you need to go through this procedure for the first time on each of those workstations as well.

Programs Changed: POWHRPST

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