Manifest Orders Status Report to Export CSV Shows Blank Result

Release Date: 01/06/2021
Version: 8.0 & Up

Q - I tried to run COP -> Processing -> Print Pikc/Pack Tickets -> Shipping -> Manifest Order Status Report. I tried to export the CSV file. The report comes up OK. But the CSV shows blank. See sample screen below:

Here is the print output showing that it does have data:

If you look at the blank spreadsheet CSV file in notepad, each line looks like a bunch of commas:

A - The reason for this happening is because the Manifest Order Status Report has to be set up before it is exported to CSV.  Please go to Global Setup -> COP-Func -> Manifest Order Status Rpt. If it has not been set up, it will look like the following:

After proper setup, the Global Setup screen will look like this:

Once you complete the setup, try to export the Manifest Order Status Report to CSV again.


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