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FedEx Tracking Number URL Link Stops Working

Release Date: 01/08/2012
Version: 7.0 & up

QThis started today. Using the "Online with Federal Express" tracking link on the SHIP note produces a page on FedEx's website stating the system is currently unavailable. See sample screen below:

But if you post the tracking # into Google and visit this link it works fine:

How can I get the Elliott FedEx tracking link updated to this new standard?

A - The area that needs to be updated is in <Elliottroot>\Bin85\EL850S.CFG. Substitute 85 with the appropriate version number if it is not 8.5. See the following sample screen.  

Change the entry to 


Save it and ask your Elliott users to exit and start up Elliott again to ensure the update is reflected to the local copy.

Netcellent will update our standard software distribution for this file to reflect the new FedEx URL.


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