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PDF PostOffice AR Statement Right Side Alignment Is Off

Release Date: 01/23/2021
Version: 8.5 & Up

Q - When sending statements via PDF PostOffice, the formatting is different versus what prints to a printer. We notice the PDF PostOffice version of the AR statement right side alignment is off. See sample screen below:

A - This is a bug with PDF Postoffice and was fixed on 1/22/2021 for 8.5. Before the new release is issued and subject to your update installation, there’s a quick fix for you:
  1. Go to print the A/R statement. In the “Print Option” window, click the “Option..” button.
  2. In the Appearance Options, we presume you are using Form Template “02 Laser Statement for Faxing.” If not, choose the one that’s applicable to you.
  3. Click on “Edit Form.”
  4. In the Laser Form Designer, change both Left and Right Margin from 0.5 to 0.25. See sample screen below:
  6. Save/Close. Now try it again.
To dive a little bit deeper into this problem, as you can see the laser form template indicates that the page width is 8.5". The left and right side margins are 0.5" each. That leaves a 7.5" wide printing area. While the line drawing is calculated based on a 7.5" page width, the text printing is calculated based on an 8" page width, and thus the issue. This issue is only applicable to Elliott's PDF printing. The regular printing is working correctly.  The problem was resolved on 1/22/2021.


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