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Feature - Allow Web Item Flag = Space to Use Product Category's Web Flag

Release Date: 2/16/2021
Version: 8.5 & Up

In the past, the flag "Web Item Flag" in Item Master needed to have a value of "Y" or "N."  It is now changed to allow a space, which means use the value of the web category flag in the product category. See sample screen below:

If you leave this value as a space, it means whether this item is a web item or not will be determined by product category. See sample screen below:

The system will look up the item's product category and display its value similar to the following:

You may see the the following possible value at the item file's field "94. Web Item Flag."
  • N - this means a specific "N" value is entered for this item.
  • Y - this means a specific "Y" value is entered for this item.
  • N-Cat Web Flag - this means space value and the category web flag = "N."
  • Y-Cat Web Flag - this means space value and the category web flag = "Y."
  • Cat Web Flag - this means space value, but there's no category defined for this item or not on file.
Note that in our previous implementation, item and product category web flags are independent and are only used in Elliott eStore. They are not being referenced anywhere else.  As for how Elliott eStore uses the web item flag, it depends on individual implementation. If you need to know more, please speak to us.

The main reason to link the item's web flag to product category is because a change has been added to I/M -> Reports -> Reorder Advice/User Def CSV -> Print -> User Defined CSV Export.  A new flag "23. Include Web Items Only ?" See sample screen below:

This program will now use this logic: if item web flag = space, then look up product category to determine its web flag. Since there are a lot less product categories than the number of items, this will offer the most flexibility to allow users to easily to define if an item is a web item or not, while maintaining the override capability at the individual item level.  

The  I/M -> Utility -> Change Existing Item Import program is also changed so users can now use the "$$BLANK$$" value to update the column "BM) Web Item**" to wipe out the existing value in Item Master. Users can, for example, use the export process to export a list of item numbers to a CSV file.  Then, at column "BM," the user inputs the value "$$BLANK$$" for all items, and imports the CSV file to mass update the Item Master's web item flag.

A sample CSV with column A as Item# and column BM with Web-Flag of "$$BLANK$$" value:

Alternatively, it is possible to use a SQL statement to change  all items' web flags to a space.
We recommend that you don't use a SQL statement to update this yourself.  Ask a Netcellent rep to help if this is what you want to do.

The new item CSV import is also changed to allow the web item flag to be blank when importing without forcing it to default to "N."

Modified Program: IM0101, IMITMUDS, IMITMUDI

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